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2015 dodge charger rt high flow cats

2015 dodge charger rt high flow cats

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I want to maintain the guage cluster so I will have to figure out the signals and comnication format, currently the guages talk to the ECU for all the information they display LCD displays. I also want to convert from cabled thottle to fly-by wire and add a simple cruise control ability to the system. Once I know what it is getting then I will have to provide that to it to keep its functionality.

I also want to keep this project as plug and play compatible with the factory harness as possible, this is for a few reasons 1 to allow users to keep their factory ECU as a backup incase the FreeEMS ECU dies for some reason not that it would, but one can never be too careful 2 Warranty.

Just installed long tube headers and high flow cats on my Charger. Big increase in volume and tone!