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Cheap jaguar xf euro 6

Cheap jaguar xf euro 6

BlueFit does not require any changes in the engine compartment, the engine calibration, the diesel particulate filter or the electrical power system. The standard BlueFit configuration has two compact cartridges with solid ammonia, equivalent to 16 liters of AdBlue.

The driving range will be around 15, km before it is time for a two-minute cartridge exchange at a workshop. Some car models have room for a third cartridge, potentially extending the driving range to more than 20, kilometers. In an independent testing at the University of Graz, Austria, a mid-sized diesel car with a 1.

The Euro 5 standard allows for emitting mg NOx per kilometer, but the baseline measurements of the car showed emissions ranging from mg summer up to mg spring NOx per kilometer— a factor more than the limit. After retrofitting the car with BlueFit, two additional PEMS tests showed that average emissions under real driving conditions were reduced to 40 mg NOx per kilometer.

This result is well below the current Euro 6 emissions standard that allows for 80 mg NOx per kilometer.

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The BlueFit-equipped car now emits just half of the NOx allowed by the latest Euro 6 standard, and it will be eligible to get the proposed Bluesticker and enter the Low Emission Zones. In addition to the PEMS test, Amminex is continuously logging system performance on all equipped vehicles to an online database. The results are updated in real-time and are available to the public through the NOxTracker app for Apple and Android phones.

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The data shows that the technology is especially efficient in slow, urban driving, after cold start and in cold weather. These are conditions under which an effective NOx reducing solution is particularly needed. Amminex is owned by French automotive supplier Faurecia

Cheap jaguar xf euro 6