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Bolero commercial vehicle price

Bolero commercial vehicle price

Specially designed for City Application with a shorter bonnet, leading to better manoeuvrability on narrow and crowded city roads. Higher payload capacity of 1. This new model scores high on parameters such as manoeuvrability, reliability and comfort, and is available at a competitive price of Rs.

The New Bolero City Pik-Up has been developed keeping in mind the need for easy manoeuvrability, ruggedness and comfort. The new model boasts a strong suspension, with the rear suspension strengthened to take any type of load in city driving conditions.

The cabin ergonomics have been further enhanced with a wider co-driver seat, giving the best driving experience during intra-city business trips. All these make the New City Pik-Up an ideal pick up for urban goods transportation.

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The new Bolero City Pik-Up reflects our customer centric approach to delivering on the increasing need for better manoeuvrability in cities, to counter traffic congestion, along with enhancing the earning potential for our customers, while retaining the tough and rugged DNA associated with Bolero Pick-ups". The City Pik-Up has a payload capacity of 1.

It sports eye catching wrap around headlamps, a stylised front chrome grille, a trendy dual tone instrument panel and comfortable fabric seats with matching door trims, giving it a more stylish and elegant look.

As leaders in the pick-up segment for 20 years, Mahindra has continuously focussed on understanding the evolving needs of its customers in the areas of performance, reliability, profitability and comfort.

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To add to this, the widespread Mahindra dealer network facilitates easy repairs and servicing. Today with over 15 lakh delighted customers in India, the Bolero Pik-Up range scores far higher than its competitors. It also enjoys a strong presence in agribusiness, aerospace, commercial vehicles, components, defense, logistics, real estate, renewable energy, speedboats and steel, amongst other businesses.

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Headquartered in India, Mahindra employs over 2,40, people across countries.

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