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2008 harley davidson nightster saddlebags

2008 harley davidson nightster saddlebags

Send Email Cancel What a popular motorcycle the Sportster Nightster is turning out to be among women. It was introduced in January -- an early release model -- and the women riders who took a chance on the new blacked out retro-bobber Sportster have not been disappointed.

I get emails all the time from "satisfied customers" and every time I see a woman on a Nightster, I ask if she likes it. I even like it, and I'm not a fan of the Sportster line. Genevieve riding the Nightster.

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What impresses me about the Nightster is that we finally have a Sportster that's low enough and agile enough for confident beginners, yet has tons of attitude, style and power —- qualities often sacrificed in an entry level motorcycle. And that's a reason to hold on to the Nightster long after you feel you've outgrown it. Grinning because the bike is a blast to ride.

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While it has the same Not only is the engine displaced cubic centimeters instead of cc, the Nightster is about 20 pounds lighter. More power, lighter -- great combination to have in a motorcycle. Also, the retro styling and blacked out components set it apart from the rest of the Sportster line. That's why I like this bike. Nothing was changed on the Nightster for other than adding new paint options. Forall the other Sportsters now sport the low profile front fender that hugs the tire that was introduced first on the Nightster in The Nightster, though, still retains the chopped rear fender exposing more of the tire in the back.

That, and the solo seat give the Nightster that retro bobber look. The Nightster with new color scheme.

Pretty much every component that is chromed on the other Sportsters including the handlebars, swing arm, engine guard and wheel rims is painted black on the Nightster. What's not black is power coated with a gray finish. Notice the black and silver components on the Nightster. Zipping Around That's what it feels like riding around on the Nightster, zipping around.

I have never felt that much power and agility riding a Sportster before. That's because this is one light bike that sits low and feels low. The Sportster Low, by comparison, has a seat height that's a noticeable 1-inch higher. While I look like I fit just fine on the Nightster judging by the picture, the motorcycle feels small for my size.

Zipping around the corners, the bike goes right where you point it thanks to a stiffer frame that was introduced several years ago. The Nightster has a sportbike feel to it, if I can dare say that of a cruiser. Hey, the Sportster platform is the bike of choice among champions racing flat track. Flicking through the fives gears to get up to speed is effortless and before you know it you're cruising at 70 mph.

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Unlike the big twin Harleys with their 6-speed transmission -- I just love that 6th gear overdrive -- the Sportster XL power plant has five speeds -- which is fine. The engine is fuel injected as it is on all the Sportsters. No more choking and sputtering when hitting drastic climate and altitude changes.

2008 harley davidson nightster saddlebags

The bike starts right up wherever you are. The ergonomic triangle on the Nightster -- how the handlebars are positioned in relation to the seat; how the seat is positioned in relation to the foot pegs; and how the footpegs are positioned in relation to the handlebars -— is ideal. There's a little bit of leaning in to the bars putting the rider in a more active riding position versus a laid back one, but it's quite comfortable and smaller framed riders should have no problem handling this bike.

If there was ever a Harley designed for smaller people this is it. The Nightster with orange and black color scheme. If I were to own a Nightster, I would add highway pegs so I could stretch out my legs.

2008 harley davidson nightster saddlebags

Being on the taller side, my legs felt cramped after about 50 miles of riding in that degree neutral position. Add a windshield and some saddlebags aftermarket accessories pictured below and this motorcycle can have you going all day keeping up with the rest of the pack -- oh, except for one thing.

You might have to stop for gas more often as this cc has the.

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