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2003 ford taurus ses

2003 ford taurus ses

Exterior[ edit ] — Ford Taurus SES sedan When the third generation Taurus debuted, it was hurt by criticism of its design, which was formed from oval derived design elements. The design was very controversial, and it strongly limited the appeal of the car.

As a result, for the fourth generation Taurus, Ford designed it with a more subdued, angular design, as part of Ford's New Edge styling, in hopes of increasing the car's appeal. Instead of sloping back, this car's trunk stood upright in a more traditional shape, which greatly increased trunk space.

The front and rear clips were also redesigned on the Taurus and Sable sedans; all body panels were brand-new except the doors.

Station wagons received the new front clips but from the firewall back they were essentially the same as the wagons. The Taurus now had the 2003 ford taurus ses signals integrated into the headlamps, similar to that of the previous generation Sable. The front bumper was also redesigned to include a larger front grille which, like the previous generation, contained a chrome bar running through the middle containing the Ford logo.

2003 Ford Taurus SE Auto Review

The rear clip was redesigned with a larger trunk and trunklid, as mentioned above, as well as giving the Taurus two large taillights as opposed to the rear lightbar used in the previous generation cars. Mounted on the trunklid was a large chrome bar containing the Ford logo, like in the front.

2003 ford taurus ses

In for the model year, the front clip was slightly redesigned, and the Taurus got a new front bumper and grille. The grille was made smaller, with the chrome bar removed, replaced by just a large Ford logo in the center.

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The taillights were slightly redesigned, originally to include amber turn signals, but this was cancelled at the eleventh hour. Instead the rear was given larger reverse lights, and the chrome bar above the license plate bracket was deleted. Interior[ edit ] As with the exterior, the interior was completely redesigned with a more conservative style, although some features from the previous cars were carried over.

The dashboard had a more linear appearance, instead of curving around the driver. The "Integrated Control Panel" was carried over but enlarged, reshaped, and placed in the center of the dash instead of being tilted toward the driver.

The Flip-Fold center console was also carried over but it was revamped as well. When folded out, it now rested against the floor instead of the dashboard, and had different cupholders and storage areas.

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The configuration for a steering column mounted shifter and a center console, which made a brief return forhad been dropped. The interior also contained many new safety features; side airbags, tether straps, and a glow in the dark trunk release mounted inside of the trunk.

This system, at the time of a collision, would detect the driver and passenger's positions as well as seatbelt usage, and would inflate the airbags to match, possibly preventing airbag-related injuries. This included a new steering wheel with a center airbag pad that was shaped like an upside-down taco and new gauges with a diagnostic center that would tell if there were any problems with the car, as well as average fuel economy.

It also was able to perform a "system check" at the driver's request to make sure that the engine was functioning properly. Models and engines[ edit ] Ford Taurus sedan — Ford Taurus wagon The two models were carried over, and two more were added.

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The most basic model was the LX, with the SE as the mid priced model. The SEL line received a few upgrades forto give it a more upscale image.

Among the changes were a new instrument cluster, wheels, as well as a slight redesign of the dash, with woodgrain replacing the black trim. It also got woodgrain on the steering wheel rim and around the power window switches on the front doors.

This special Taurus included many extras, such as lighter wood trim, special leather seats, headlights with black accents, special wheels, a special leather case for the owner's manual, a leather jacket that said "Ford:.

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