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Sl55 supercharger oil change

Sl55 supercharger oil change

The car has done k km's and I believe an oil change was previously done. The supercharger spins up to about 20, rpm.

The supercharger has a little grub screw down the bottom and takes about ml of oil. Otherwise you can go to Mercedes and buy the oil for a gazillion dollars for ml. Used a syringe and rubber tubing to extract the old oil and replace the new oil.

The oil that came out was crazy black and smelt really bad. No noticeable difference in sound since changing the oil out. I'm not sure what would make the oil go so black as it doesn't have anything to do with the engine oil.

Would it be metal particles? Here's a pic of old vs new.

How to Change the Supercharger Oil on AMG M113k Engines (4K)

this is for the pre SLK's with the Eaton M62 superchargers MB say this is a sealed unit and the fluid is for life i decided to change it.