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Pulsar 200 ns tail price bonus

Pulsar 200 ns tail price bonus

And this time, the price blew me off first. At 73k on road, it was about 15k cheaper than the others. Took a TR, this time a longer one on a longer, less congested road, and it felt good. The same good sound, comfortable seating, good road presence. The salesman who was sitting pillion told me to stop on the side, shift to third gear, and then start again.

In the meanwhile, I had done a lot of Googling for reviews of the bike. Strangely, apart from the Steel-from-Vikrant bromide in the initial launch days and two quick tests in some auto mags, I could find nothing describing this bike in any level of detail.

But then, the magazines did not seem to list any faults I couldn't live without. Here's my bike right after I got home My observations two days after I got the bike: So far, I have ridden the bike about 80 km- Showroom to office to home; home to temple and back on Saturday; and a 20 km long ride on the ECR on Sunday with my wife riding pillion.

I attribute it to a new engine not yet domesticated. I have a problem with the gears; this one is an all-up type, while my first bike was an all down type. Now changing gear requires a conscious, calculated effort.

Even then, the downshifts from 4th to 3rd and then to 2nd are noisy, with the selector making loud ka-thud noises and the gears meshing all too suddenly with a jerk. Also, the clutch needs to be pulled in fully.

The bike does deliver on the cruising in high gears in the city bit. When starting from standstill, it demands to be upshifted pretty quickly, before reaching 5th and then quietening down. I can slow down to about 30 still holding that gear, and can accelerate back to 45 without much trouble.

Slowing down a bit for corners or junctions needs no gear change now- just ease off the throttle for a few moments. If I have to stop or get to the mid 10s or 20s, I need to downshift. The same drama repeats when downshifting from 3rd to 2nd.

Holding in the clutch fully tones down the drama a bit, but does not completely eliminate it. The engine: A new engine is expected to have its edges rough and to scream and growl as its put through the paces. This one does all that. It puts out a healthy, purposeful vibe when started, and the exhaust throws out a bass-y thum-thum.

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The bike seems to have the soul of a cruiser. The clutch has to be pulled in all the way for first to fall in, and the machine leaps forward. It starts grumbling for an upshift soon.

Pulsar 200 ns tail price bonus

First to second to third is quick and relatively smooth. By now, the bike is in the low 30s. In 4th gear, the engine settles down and gets down to the business of pushing the horses.

By 40, its revving noise suggests that it needs a gear up again. And thus in fifth, the bike feels most comfortable.

The vibes settle in, though quite a bit does transmit to the rest of the bike. But by 45, the engine is grumbling like a union leader threatening to go on strike if their bonuses are not paid. This much and no further; this is exploitation, it seems to cry. I relent, negotiate, and settle for not increasing the speed. Hopefully, as the engine smoothens out.

The bike maintains a straight line easily, turns well, and leaning into the turn is effortless. The turning radius is small enough to take sharp U turns without having to go too wide. The brakes are adequate and.

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