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1968 dodge truck slant 6

1968 dodge truck slant 6

Design[ edit ] The Chrysler Slant-6 engine was a clean-sheet design, led by Willem Weertmanlater Chrysler's chief engine designer. This enabled vehicle stylists to lower hoodlines, and also made room for the 1968 dodge truck slant 6 pump to be mounted with a lateral offset, significantly shortening the engine's overall length.

The slanted cylinder block also provides space in the vehicle's engine bay for intake and exhaust manifolds with runners of longer and more nearly equal length compared to the rake- or log-style manifolds typical of other inline engines.

The 1 and 6 intake runners are of approximately equal length, the 2 and 5 equal but shorter, and the 3 and 4 equal and shortest.

Chrysler Slant-6 engine

This has the effect of broadening the torque curve for better performance. The Slant-6 manifold configuration gives relatively even distribution of fuel mixture to all cylinders, and presents less flow restriction.

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This, in turn, provides for relatively good airflow through the engine despite the intake and exhaust ports being on the same side of the head rather than in a crossflow arrangement. The G-engine was offered in various configurations in the North American market until in cars, in trucks, and for marineagricultural, and industrial use.

Replacement engines were built in Mexico through The G-engine was used by Chrysler's international operations in locally produced vehicles. It was also purchased by other original equipment manufacturers for installation in commercial vehicles, agricultural and industrial equipment, and boats.

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Hear a slant-6 engine A slant-6 engine in a Canadian Valiant starts and runs Problems playing this file? The G-engine gained a reputation for reliability and durability. The basic design is rigid and sturdy, in part because the engine was designed to be made of either iron or aluminum.

An aluminum block was produced in —, but most blocks were made of iron. Although only four main bearings are used, they are of the same dimensions as those in the 2G — Hemi, and fewer mains results in a crankshaft better able to withstand the effects of torque.

Efficient cooling and lubrication systems, a favorable ratio of connecting rod length to stroke, and a forged steel crankshaft on engines made through mid all contributed to the engine's strength and durability. The G-engine gave better performance than its competitors at its introduction, and generally kept up through the s and earlys, though engines like the Pontiac OHC Sixa brief GM outlier, bested the performance of most versions of the Slant After an early factory racing program was discontinued bythe slant-6 did not receive much performance development.

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Most slant-6s were equipped with a single 1-barrel carburetor. Starting in the early s, primitive emission controls adversely affected driveability and power, though a version of the 2-barrel carburetor package first released for marine and export markets in was offered in North America from to under the "Super Six" name.

Performance figures were only slightly higher, but driveability was substantially improved.

It replaced the Slant-6 in the rest of the Dodge truck line at the end of the model year. All G engines used forged steel crankshafts until the middle of model yearwhen a less costly cast-iron crankshaft was introduced. The cast crankshaft uses a different block, different main and connecting rod bearings and different connecting rods.

This difference has implications when swapping engines with automatic transmissions.

All G-engines used solid valve lifters through the model year, with the exception of a small production test of hydraulic lifters in the model year. For model yearall North American G-engines received top-fed hydraulic lifters.

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Retrofitment in both directions is possible. Emission control devices and systems, carburetor make and specification, and engine.

1968 dodge truck slant 6

Understanding The Slant Six