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Golf 7 r line white silver metallic

Golf 7 r line white silver metallic

Buying a new Volkswagen Golf is an exciting time. Take your pick from solids and metallics to luxurious pearl effects. Choosing a new car is difficult enough - trim level, engine size and not forgetting all those optional extras!

Important to Know

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So when it comes to the colour choice for your brand new Volkswagen Golf, that's just one more tough decision to make. If you're not sure of your shade or lacking confidence in your colour choice, you've come to the right place.

With nine different VW Golf models and a choice of 22 engines; three or five doors; efficiency of up to There's also a colour for everyone. The UK will always have its favourite car colours but remember that the paint finish you choose can affect everything from your car's resale price to how easily it can be kept clean.

Let your driving do the silver metallic with solid colours that will emphasise the car's own features. Pure White or Solid Urano Grey These neutral colours are the safe option for your VW Golf, with many believing that they hide dirt better than stronger paint finishes. They also give away little when it comes to trying to figure out a driver's personality - the perfect camouflage! Tornado Red Representing strength and power, a red finish for your Volkswagen Golf is exciting and flamboyant.

Outgoing and possibly demanding, red car drivers enjoy the thrill of a drive that'll raise the blood pressure and get them noticed Ruby Black Ideal for those seeking a little mystery, this black variation is a grown-up choice with red undertones.

You can let your fiery side shine through while maintaining a no-nonsense image and keep everyone guessing as you glide by in your new Golf. Add a little sparkle and excitement to your Volkswagen Golf with a metallic finish.

Golf 7 r line white silver metallic

Atlantic Blue Metallic Calming, logical and soothing, blue is apparently a common choice for the cautious car owner. Drivers may be analytical and intellectual, and therefore reliably predictable when it comes to driving manoeuvres.

Golf Mk7 FL White Silver Metallic R-line, Golf Mk7 FL White…, Flickr

Also proven to be the safest colour on the road, it's one of the rarest so if you want your VW Golf to stand out from the crowd, this should be your choice. Indium Grey Metallic This metallic grey has more to it than the standard Urano.

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The metallic finish provides an attractive sheen that will keep all eyes on your Volkswagen Golf, rather than the driver. It's easy to keep clean and likely to do well on the second-hand market. Reflex Silver Metallic Cool and expensive looking, silver is the choice for those who're really drawn to grey but want to stand out a little.

You may compare Juke time sale across all the trims and years. Also, disappoint Nissan Juke quarter mile performance specs. Comparing cars is a real fun.

Neutral but with a little bit of sparkle, silver car owners enjoy a bit of fun but don't like to be the centre of attention. Tungsten Silver Metallic A darker shade of silver could be the choice for a deep and thoughtful owner.

Hello and Welcome to Lans In today's video, we'll take an up close and in depth look at the Volkswagen Golf GP R Line. This one is in the colour White. mp3 Volkswagen New Golf Gp R Line White Silver 17 Inch Sebring Walk Around Inside Detail. : MB, : 11 9 , : Kbps.

Dirt is hidden better with this Tungsten Silver than the brighter silver alternatives. Practical and glamorous - the best of both worlds! Peacock Green Metallic Associated with nature, those who choose a green paint finish are likely to enjoy a peaceful life. In the middle of the colour spectrum, Peacock Green is well-balanced and reassuring.

A great choice for those who want a subtle yet distinctive colour.

It's elegant and a very popular new introduction to the range and has to be seen to be properly appreciated. Bluer than Indium and darker than Atlantic, it has a touch of mystery - is it or isn't it? Keep other drivers guessing as you show off your new VW Golf.

Like the rest of the car, the paintwork is bound to attract admirers so this isn't a colour for the shy, unless you want to make lots of new friends! Deep Pearl Black Strong and secure, black is a sophisticated yet sensible choice, often chosen for business cars to demonstrate a serious approach. Special reflective speckles make the car look bright, even when the light isn't great. And those in the know will understand the extra investment you've made in your VW Golf to make it just perfect!

Of course, driving isn't just about looks - it affects all.

Volkswagen NEW Golf R-Line White Silver 17 inch Sebring walk around & detail Installazione Interruttore Luci VW GOLF 5 MK5 Install Light Switch. News & reviews You won't find Ruby Black as a colour option on R-Line or the Golf R, Looking at the Golf in this metallic Atlantic Blue and it's not difficult to White Silver does exactly what it says on the tin – it's a halfway. We have 64 cars for sale for volkswagen golf r line, priced from ZAR, Filters». Photo volkswagen golf vii tsi comfortline dsg for sale!