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Ski doo 850 etec fuel economy

Ski doo 850 etec fuel economy

Is the most powerful 2 strokes engine too much for me? I can now confirm, kilometers later, that I am charmed.

With its lightweight, you can imagine that the feeling is really different. What impressed me the most, was the strong acceleration. The pDrive pulley makes the clutch soft and pleasant.

Driving at a slow speed is now easier even with this powerful engine We usually think that 2 strokes would have a higher fuel consumption. Once again the E-TEC scores with its reasonable fuel consumption. During my trial, I spend on average 13 liters by kilometers, just a few dollars more than my husband, who drives a Blizzard Ace.

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Driving The new platform Gen 4 is revolutionary, nothing to do with what I tried before. The configuration perfectly balanced, the central position of the engine makes the maneuverability really effective.

Ski doo 850 etec fuel economy

The effort in curves are reduced, which is an important aspect, I think, for women who want to have full control on their snowmobiles. The configuration of the driving position improved too.

The new platform made us put our knees more in front. The fact that the platform is smaller made me change my position more often.

The footstools are equipped with a feet support which helps you with counterbalance. The Gen 4 platform will transform you into a sporty driver without you knowing. I adjust them often to adapt my driving to the weather conditions.

They helped me a lot to limit the physical efforts in curves. Track and Suspension The track of this snowmobile is the RipSaw ice of in by 1.

Ski doo 850 etec fuel economy

It really fits with the driving that the snowmobile configuration gives. The renowned rear suspension is the rMotion.

It will transform your rides in difficult trails in pleasant rides. Also the shock absorbers KYB Pro 36 are really easy to adjust, so you can forget you tools at home and even your husband! With its competitive fuel consumption, a powerful engine and an unsurpassed driving position, BRP made the Renegade E-TEC a leader on the market this year.

Thanks to BRP who made this trail possible during the season.

2017 Ski-Doo E-TEC 850

The MPG conditions were variable all day but I found that range to be If it doesn't and Doo engineers got this correct. Last week we compared my '14 Rene etec with 3k miles to a '17 Rene with miles and.