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Bsa b31 valve timing

Bsa b31 valve timing

Principles and setting. Correct setting of the ignition timing is one of the key factors in achieving reliable starting and efficient running on any motorcycle. A firm grasp of the principles involved and the reasons for the various settings can be helpful in diagnosing problems and carrying out adjustments.

Basic principles Some confusion can arise from the terminology used relating to ignition timing so the following is a brief guide to the basics. To produce the maximum effect the piston must be just past the top of the compression stroke as the explosion reaches its full potential. The explosion itself takes a small, but measurable amount of time to reach its full potential after the spark occurs. There is also another factor to take into account and that relates to the manually operated advance and bsa b31 valve timing facility provided.

When the spark ignites the mixture the time taken for the explosion to reach its full potential is basically constant at all engine speeds. However, at slow engine revs under about rpm the piston is moving far more slowly than it would be at say rpm.

By modern standards this entire system is regarded a too imprecise. Modern electronic ignition systems progressively and infinitely alter the spark timing throughout the rev range to suit piston speed variations.

Valve Timing Marks, Bsa B31 Instruction Manual [Page 24]

However, in the case of the older engines, with their low compressions, mild cam timing etc. Preparations before setting the timing.

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This section details the procedures to follow and includes a few hints and tips. I will use the BSA M20 as the example here but the basics apply to all makes, after taking into account the different settings that may be required and the physical differences between engine types. To do this turn the armature until the points are on the high point of the contact breaker cam and are fully open.

Then using the correct mag spanners and a.

The next task is to lightly lap the mag drive gear to the taper on the drive end of the mag armature, using some fine grinding paste. When a good fit has been achieved by this method carefully clean the end of the armature and the inside of the gear to remove any residual traces of grinding paste.

Also take this opportunity to check that the magneto drive gear retaining nut will screw easily onto the armature. If it is a little tight run a tap through the nut and retest.

If the nut is still tight carefully dress the armature thread with a knife edged needle file to remove any burrs. If a spanner is applied here and excessive force is applied permanent damage to the contact breaker end of the armature is likely. Now refit the mag drive gear and check the mesh of the gear teeth between the mag drive gear and the large intermediate gear.

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There should be perceptible but minimal free play between the two gears. If the mesh is too tight the fit will need to be adjusted. Overly tight gear meshing will cause a whining sound when running and exerts excessive loads on both the magneto drive end bearing and the intermediate gear bush.

Bsa b31 valve timing

Also remove the drive gear after adjustment. With the cable fitted and adjusted preparations prior to setting the ignition timing are complete.

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Setting the ignition timing. With the mag drive gear removed the engine and the magneto are separated and each can now be set in its correct position.

Instructions here assume the cylinder head is not fitted. Instructions for setting timing with the head in place can be found in the last section of this piece. When it has been determined that the engine is on the correct stroke bring the piston to the top dead centre position to the top of its stroke.

The piston should be flush with the top face of the cylinder in this position but if it is below the top face this distance must be measured in thousandths of an inch using a depth micrometer or clock gauge and the figure noted. If the piston was, for example.

Using the example above the final setting would thus be.

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Barrel off TDC confirmed, valve timing confirmed. BSA b44 bad valve job?

I have a BSA B31 in caf race trim Can anyone please please please It's possible that your cam timing is off, it will take more of a B BSA cam timing marks: can they be trusted? Mr JB Wheatcroft writes from Tyneside to ask for my advice timing his BSA B He's bought. Hi Folks, anyone out there timed a rigid B31 and have the time to give me advice‚Äč? Having read my trusty service sheets, I realise that setting.