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Nissan pickup 5 lug conversion

Nissan pickup 5 lug conversion

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supply the parts to convert my '86 pickup to accept five lug wheels? you can get wheel spacers that convert 6 lug to 5 for the front, or all. NEED SOME HELP! trying to convert my 83 from 6 to 5 lug this was emailed to me. its the 5 lug conversion from toyota to nissan from a guy who a 4 bar suspension of some type and a Toyota pickup rear differential. ISR Performance 5 Lug Hub Conversion, Nissan sx Sā€‹ These premium Nissan SX 5 lug conversion hubs make it easy to convert your Nissan S13ā€™s 4 lug hubs to a 5 lug configuration.ā€‹ Shop our store and order your Nissan SX 5 lug conversion parts with us today. Nissan Trucks \ For those with Toyota rear ends in their Hardbody's the rear end out of my Hardbody for the the Toyota rear end for teh 5x bolt pattern.