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2002 toyota mr2 timing belt

2002 toyota mr2 timing belt

To do so, you need to first remove the coil spring hose protectors from the hoses: 64b.

If your radiator hoses are aged, have a soft spot, are hardened and brittle, or have bulging areas, it is time to replace them. Line up the NAPA hose next to the old hoses and cut it in half, matching the length and curve of the old hoses.

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Place the new hoses on the radiator, tighten them in place, then slide the protective coils over them.

Remove the bolts holding the fan to the radiator, and pull the fan away from the radiator.

of Pat Signorino & Shane Craddock of MKII MR2 Mod Project, August 8,, Print Behind this cover is the metal timing belt guide with the cup facing outwards. This documentation in no way replaces the Toyota MR2 Repair Manuals.