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New jeep gladiator interior

New jeep gladiator interior

From highways to curvy back roads, and some muddy and rocky off-road terrain, I experienced it all. This truck is very much Trail Rated — and good-looking to boot! With some time behind the wheel and miles under the tread, I discovered some standout features on this truck. I also uncovered a few things this Jeep left to be desired. And now, the Jeep Gladiator is officially on its way!

New jeep gladiator interior

Read more… In the negative column, the Gladiator has an extremely long wheelbase, pathetically small rearview mirrors, pretty loud road noise within the cabin, and a very snug rear seat. There is no other midsize truck that offers a solid front axle, up to inch tires from the factory, and an impressive 11 inches of ground clearance.

Plan to take this truck off road?

The Gladiator Rubicon is the trim level you want. It comes with stronger inch wheels wrapped in inch tires. Plus, it has front and rear differential locks, a remote front sway bar disconnect, and 4. It also comes with a winch-compatible front steel bumper, sliders, bed corner protectors, and an aluminum vented hood.

Jeep gladiator interior new

Add all that up and you have an impressively capable off-road truck! But do note that that long wheelbase will take some getting used to and will hang up on some obstacles. So expect to put the sliders and rear bed corner protectors to good use off road.

Like everything on this truck, the rear bed corner protectors are built right.

As with any modern vehicle, there is also plenty of computer wizardry built in. And the Selectable Speed Control setting is basically cruise control for trail driving below 5 mph. Jeep confirmed there will be huge accessory support, both from Mopar and the aftermarket.

In fact, Mopar will offer more than parts for the Gladiator at launch. Likewise, expect the ability to tailor the Gladiator to your exact tastes and needs. You feel every small bump in the road. The rear end is also a bit light and twitchy when the truck is unloaded, but this is to be expected. The seats are pretty nice but do have a few faults. Overall, my biggest pet peeve about the driving position inside the Gladiator is that there is no dead pedal to rest your left foot on.

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This means your foot is flat on the floor, putting your ankle at a weird angle. Also, the limiter strap for the driver-side door intrudes on the footwell and rubs against your shin.

Chris Benjamin, Head of Jeep® Interior Design, talks about some of the interior features of the all-new Jeep Gladiator.

Both of these items are tiny — but annoying. The rear suspension on the Gladiator is actually nearly the same five-link coil setup found in the RAM At only 5 feet long, the truckbed is tiny. The bed offers four D-ring tie-down points for securing gear, which swivel out of the way to maximize space. Still, Jeep claims that 95 percent of all motorcycles will fit in the bed, with the tailgate down. This allows you to carry sheets of drywall or plywood in the truckbed on top of the wheel wells.

It also allows you to carry bigger kayaks, SUPs, and other long gear in the truckbed without having them stick up abruptly.

REVIEW: 2020 Jeep® Gladiator Rubicon Pickup:

It offers a max payload of between 1, and 1, pounds depending on trim level and transmission. The big difference is the redesigned front grille. An W cooling fan also helps with engine cooling.

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In my test, I towed a foot, 5,pound Airstream trailer behind a Gladiator Sport S with the maximum tow package. It towed the trailer pretty well, but the engine did seem to be working very hard on the relatively flat route I drove. Two big towing issues popped up with the Gladiator: the axle-to-hitch distance and the tiny mirrors. The hitch sits way behind the rear axle, which can make trailer sway more prevalent.

Plus, there is no tow mirror option, and Mopar has no current plans to offer any tow mirror solutions. Finally, a four-door Wrangler provides a ton of open space behind the rear seats. These useful storage areas can be accessed by folding the rear seatbacks forward or folding the seat cushions up. Jeep Gladiator:.

The All-New Jeep® Gladiator satisfies your craving for freedom with an interior cabin designed to deliver. Impressive design, quality materials and abundant. The All-New Jeep® Gladiator offers exceptional interior design. Combining aesthetics, comfort, quality and ergonomics, Gladiator wins a spot on the Wards The all-new Jeep Gladiator's interior offers a great blend of form and function. It looks good, provides plenty of room, and has everything the driver needs.