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The crew 2 audi rs3 lms

The crew 2 audi rs3 lms

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But it's no longer just activists the industry needs to worry about. In recent weeks, politicians have suggested various options to curb the SUV boom from outright bans in cities to heavy taxation on larger more CO2-emitting vehicles.

EU regulation increases pressure on car makers to 'green up' The surge in SUVs may come back to haunt carmakers in Europe in That's when experts expect new EU regulation for CO2 emissions to really start biting.

Discover which two vehicles are joining The Crew® 2's lineup this month! Audi RS3 LMS offers up to horsepower under the hood. The November Vehicle Drop for #TheCrew2 brings us the Audi RS3 LMS – and the Aeroboat – SV12, ! Season Pass holders get.