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Jeep new ad juventus

Jeep new ad juventus

The images of the new campaign capture the eight players involved on behalf of Juventus Football Club as they compete on a football pitch at high altitude.

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The eight players are passionate and determined champions who are used to undertaking adventures and taking risks, confident that obstacles are there to be overcome. But how did they get up there?

In a Jeep Wrangler, of course: the original and authentic 4x4 which expresses the brand's unconventional soul, by combining exceptional off-road capabilities with the driving enjoyment offered by a unique vehicle in the automotive industry.

Images, video and backstage stories are available on www.

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Here users will also find contents from the Jeep Champions Tour, including the last leg dedicated to the recent match against Celtic. In addition, thanks to the collaboration with Seac02, all contents will also be available in 'augmented reality' on all mobile devices, smartphones and tablets.

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Jeep has a global brand reputation with cars distributed in more than countries around the world. Since the introduction of the first model, inmore than 15 million vehicles have been produced and sold worldwide.

To further consolidate the partnership with Juventus, Jeep is undertaking a collaboration with Andrea Pirlo as Worldwide Ambassador for the brand for this year, extendible to the next one. Pirlo will take part in PR activities, shoots and initiatives linked to the Jeep brand.

The American SUV brand will replace Betclic on Bianconeri shirts for the next three years, while they will also become the club's new vehicle supplier. Jeep is the soccer jersey sponsor of the Juventus Football Club. Watch videos, download Juventus stickers & explore the Keywords: jfc, jeep renegade, jeep juventus, juventus soccer, juventus football club.