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2016 mustang gt backup camera not working

2016 mustang gt backup camera not working

mustang backing camera problem, : Compressed Ford Mustang rear camera inoperative. Trunk won't open. We Drag Race A New and Classic Ford Shelby Mustang GT To See What 50 Years Of Progress Makes!

This is my 8th ford in about 14 years and I have to say i'm very disappointed with the quality of the car and the lack of customer service. The car has three major problems that I cannot seem to get ford to address no matter what I do. Keep in mind that this is the second dealer i've had take a look at the problems and i've spoke to my "regional manager" multiple times and the only response I can get from them is that all of my problems are "Normal" characteristics of the car.

The main problem i'm going to discuss here is my back up camera. If it is night time and anywhere below 65 Degrees my camera will turn very blurry and fuzzy.

I've attached a video so you guys can see what i'm dealing with. Everyone I've spoken to at Ford says that this is a common problem that is in their software and that we as customers should expect the cameras to act like this in this type of weather.

2016 mustang gt backup camera not working

This type of weather is very vague as night time and 65 degrees is very common for most people on this planet but for some reason they like to stand behind this argument as if every back up camera on the planet suffers from the same symptoms. I know my edge doesn't do this, nor does my wifes Q50 or any other car that has a back up camera that i've been in.

Unfortunately ford is completely unwilling to give me something in writing saying that this is expected. This problem is ridiculous for many reasons.

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The most obvious of which is the fact that Back up cameras are most useful at night when visibility and lighting are their lowest and they can be of real use. The other more common sense reason would be, how could any company release a product that is meant for safety that doesn't work properly for at least a third of the day?

I mean, how could they possibly tell me that this product has a software issue that is normal that keep it from working properly at night time in pretty much normal weather 65 degrees is normal in my eyes.

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Imagine if Apple told you that the camera on your phone is going to fuzzy, grainy and pretty much useless at night time? Or what if your security camera manufacturer told you the same thing? How does that make any sense.

As long as i can turn the car on with my key LOL. Conflicts my question in NC im scared For the inspection tho.

Anyway, sorry for the long rant but I can't seem to get anyone to give me anything in writing and apparently the only two people I can contact on their customer support staff are the people at the number who cannot email out as if that's possible this day and age and the regional manager who pretty told me to go pound sand.

Does anyone have any ideas as to how I could escalate this and get someone to actually address this issue? I have a 30 second video that I cannot upload here or at photobucket for some reason.

2016 mustang gt backup camera not working

It's a mpeg4 and i'm having a very hard time getting photobucket to accept it so i've just taken three screenshots and posted those instead.

I was having issues with both my backup camera not working at all, and it looked normal, but my coworker's GT fastback didn't have the bend. Oem. Mustang, backup camera just stopped working. Mechanic's Assistant​: Is this an aftermarket camera, or did it come with the vehicle? When your backup camera stops working suddenly, it's a raw deal. This technology is enormously beneficial, preventing accidents, helping with parallel parking. today I've had two issues at the same time when putting the Rear Camera does not activate, instead of the image I have a message saying.