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Used volvo s60 polestar india

Used volvo s60 polestar india

Thanked: 8, Times Driving the 2.

The new one, codenamed BT43, is a 2. Downsizing is the new black and Volvo is no stranger to this principle.

The new S60 Polestar may have lost 2 cylinders, yet it has gained considerably by way of a much larger, fixed geometry turbocharger as well as a supercharger in order to counter the inevitable lag that most turbocharged cars suffer from. As a result, throttle response is decent at low rpm.

Used volvo s60 polestar india

The result of this technical wizardry is BHP peaking at 6, rpm and Nm of torque accessible from 3, rpm, held to 5, rpm. Interestingly though, peak torque has been reduced by 30 Nm. One of the downsides of highly-strung, small capacity 4-pot mills such as this one is the lack of refinement and effortlessness in the way it goes about its business.

The other downside - and perhaps the one that's the most difficult to digest - is the sonorous, straight-six engine and exhaust notes that are conspicuous by their absence.

This cacophony of whooshes, whines, whirrs and other assorted sounds are further amplified when you engage sport mode via the gear selector. Speaking of the transmission, all those Swedish ponies are harnessed by an all-new 8-speed, torque converter automatic which works in tandem with a BorgWarner AWD.

I think the that the comment about a couple in v8 transmission issues is a little bit overblown and of those which have had many I don't recall one report of an all out make where the vehicle would not move. I had researched the Sole for over a year, and when one probably came up for sale, I grabbed it. I have not disclosed a single minute with it.

The all-wheel drive is admittedly front-biased, but works well to keep you on the tarmac. This trick AWD coupled with torque vectoring should be more than useful in our sandy, wet and often greasy conditions.

With launch control engaged at the pit exit, I managed to hit three figures in about 5 seconds. The engine loves to revv all the way up to 7, rpm: The sighting lap gave me the opportunity to understand the track. But, the following laps were just a blur, as my focus was solely on keeping the rubber-side down whilst negotiating this tight little circuit.

Upon flooring the throttle at the start of the main straight, my head snapped back, as the car picked up its briefcase full used volvo s60 safety-nets, and sling-shot its way towards the first right-hander, with a sense of impunity that I am yet to come to terms with. It was a real assault on the senses! The final, cool polestar india lap allowed us to explore this engine's repertoire.

It's remarkable how tractable this motor is! Give it a boot-full in the same gear, and you will see the needle approaching the business end of the revv counter just before you run out of road.

After flinging the S60 Polestar around the first few bends, I was surprised to learn that the lively and accurate steering is actually electrically assisted! The weight and feel that comes through the steering would certainly lead you to believe otherwise! But, if your throttle inputs are judicious and timely, you can get the tail to step out momentarily, before the electronics sort things out and bring you back in line.

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Turn off the ESC and smack the gear selector into Sport mode, and this very loud and very blue Volvo will seemingly lose all its inhibitions and won't hesitate to shimmy. Can't really pass a comment on the suspension's comfort levels without driving this S60 on public roads.

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Switching to a Comfort setup for regular driving would be prudent. Upon inquiry, Volvo sheepishly admitted that the Comfort setup should be good enough for most occasions. Massive mm ventilated and slotted Brembo discs and 6-piston calipers up front help in rearranging your innards while shedding speed at an alarming rate.

The brakes may feel grabby at first, but they're easy to get used to. At 1, kilograms kerb weightthe Volvo is a lardy ol' chappy and in the interest of full disclosure, you do feel its heft when you thrash it around a track.

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It's designed to absorb and distribute the energy of the impact across the whole car, rather than allow only the B-Pillar to bear the brunt of the impact: Last edited by suhaas : 26th September at

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