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How to draw a tesla model y

How to draw a tesla model y

Tesla lost a little luster over the past few years but remains an innovator. Model Y Versions The rear-wheel-drive Standard Model Y will actually be the last version of the vehicle to hit the market. Standard Model Y production is expected to start in early The rear-wheel-drive Long Range Model Y will be one of the first versions to hit the streets. Production of this and all the other versions of the vehicle is expected to start in late The Dual Motor all-wheel-drive Long Range say that 10 times fast!

It will go miles before needing a recharge, hit 60 mph in 4. Finally, the most expensive Model Y will be the Performance.

How to draw a tesla model y

It can launch from 0 to 60 mph in 3. Performance brakes and a Track Mode will make the Model Y Performance perfect for hitting the race track on the weekends. It even looks fast, with its inch wheels, carbon fiber spoiler, aluminum pedals, and lowered suspension. Plus, it will sport a beautiful panoramic glass roof.

It will have a single inch touchscreen interface to handle all car controls and a full suite of tech features accessed through the Tesla Mobile app. As with all Tesla vehicles, the design starts with safety. Tesla vehicles are known for the Autopilot and Self-Driving features. Rest assured, the Model Y will have both on offer. Inside, every Model Y will come with a standard black interior.

A five-seat interior comes standard, with an optional seven-seat configuration also available.

Tesla Model Y Will Crush The Crossover Competition, Here’s Why

The Performance comes standard with inch wheels. Expect deliveries to start in fall for all models besides the Standard, which should ship in spring Always remember to read the small print!

As Musk alluded to on Twitter before the Model Y launch, the vehicle is about 10 percent bigger, 10 percent more expensive, and 10 percent less efficient than the Model 3. Sure, more room is awesome for carrying gear.

Plus, in this case, less efficiency means less range. And that means fewer adventure destination options in this vehicle. In my opinion, two key factors are required for any true adventure vehicle. First is the ability to have a roof rack. Second is the ability to sleep in the vehicle.

How to draw a tesla model y

I like the efficiency of stealth car camping when the option presents itself. As a vehicle to get you and a bunch of your friends to the ski resort on a well-maintained paved road, the Model Y should be great.

As an adventure vehicle to get to the trailhead up a windy dirt mountainside road, the Model Y will probably come up short.

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There are now more than 12, Supercharger stations across 36 countries. And big expansion and upgrades continue to happen. The V3 Supercharger just launched and promises up to kWh charging speeds. That translates to about 1, miles per charging hour. So the Model Y will be able to get a mile recharge in only 15 minutes with one of these new Superchargers.

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That factory is now completely maxed out on production, so two new factories will come online this year to produce the Model Y. It will be the size of the Reno Gigafactory and Freemont vehicle factories combined.

The Future of Model Y and Tesla Even the unveiling press conference of the Model Y started very late, which continues the trend of Tesla being late to deliver.

Only time will tell if it can build out two new vehicle production facilities and get production up and how to draw a tesla model y for the new vehicle this year. If it can meet the targets, Tesla plans to sell more Model Ys than all other Tesla vehicles combined.

These projects shifted to the back burner after issues getting the Model 3 to full production capacity in Musk promised that these projects are once again a priority and will be getting more attention in Big plans abound, but Tesla is focused on offering a full range of vehicles. It has the S, 3, X, and now the Y. Share now: By Bryon Dorr Bryon Dorr caught the outdoor adventure addiction through whitewater kayaking, and.

'Tesla Model Y' is Tesla's upcoming crossover all-electric vehicle built on the same we can make a quick specs comparison with the Model Y. expand full story. Tesla shares are down % in Friday trading, snapping a nine-day winning streak. 'Tesla Model Y' is Tesla's upcoming crossover all-electric vehicle built on the same we can make a quick specs comparison with the Model Y. expand full story.