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Mercury marauder subwoofer upgrade

Mercury marauder subwoofer upgrade

If you have a propane torch it is possible to do this mod without drilling new mounting holes in the enclosure if you don't mind breathing in some pretty wierd fumes. I'm not sure I ant to go to all the effort that you did to replace the subwoofer. It sounds like the Rockford-FOsgate is not an exact fit for the enclosure.

Turning the key once again unlocks the other doors. Return the cover to the operation position after use.

Do you know what is the make and model of the stock subwoofer so I can check all the dimensions before I buy a replacement? Thanks for any advice! I don't know anything about car stereos so I don't recognize the brand of the subwoofer by looking at it. But if you really want to make sure of the fit, once you remove the the enclosure and amplifier assembly from the car, it takes like two minutes to pull tthe subwoofer from the enclosure and then you can take it with you to compare with any other sub you are considering.

Just four torx head fasteners hold it in and the speaker wire connectors are the spade type mercury marauder subwoofer upgrade pull off, push back on.

If your engine temp sensor is functioning properly, it should be right around the middle east. Accelerate to MPH and maintain speed for seven minutes.

The Rockford Fosgate really wasn't that hard to get in there. I don't have a dremel so I used a standard set of nippers to shorten the plastic support the sub rests on. The plastic snips off real easy, it doesn't shatter or chip or get wierd in any fashion.

Justs cuts sort of like real thick paper. I didn't do any measuring. I just shortened it by the depth of the nipper jaws, twice. I then used a piece of old carpet pad between the magnet and the newly modified support and that was that. Heating up and remolding the shape of that one intrusive corner in the enclosure is pretty easy, too.

Mercury marauder subwoofer upgrade

When the plastic becomes pliable you'll be able to tell right away because it starts to give just a little bit. I was afraid since I really didn't know what I was doing that it might go from rigid to melted-like-butter on me but that's not what happens.

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It gives you plenty of warning and its not hard at all to keep it at a workable pliable state while you get it moved around to suit your purpose. Sorry I couldn't be more exact in answering your questions but car stereos is not my forte. This is the first car I've ever had that had one. I think I cna make a replacement work now. Bob valleymanPM Bob - glad to be of help.

If you do elect to go the propane torch route I would be interested to find out if you got the same kind of hallucinations as I did from breathing in the fumes. What model of the Rockford Fosgate subwoofer did you purchase?

The is described as an 8" subwoofer and I seriously doubt if it would fit easily in the existing enclosure. I got mine from etronics. It looks the the is the one to buy. Were you able to adapt to the factory harness?

What adapter harness did you use?

Bob valleymanPM Sorry it's mercury marauder subwoofer upgrade me so long to reply but we got hit with a power outage here in my neighborhood dumptruck vs. To answer your question, I did not need to use any adapter at all. The wiring from the subwoofer amplifier to the subwoofer is only two wires on my A - the black is ground and the black with white stripe is hot.

I checked to make sure. On mine the connectors for these two speaker wires are the simple "quick disconnect" type. The female end is on the speaker wires from the amplifier. They slip onto the male spades on the speaker.

The only slight difficulty you'll encounter is that the male spades on the OEM sub are of two differnt widths. The terminals on the replacement sub are both the smaller size.

Hopefully when it gets above o above zero. It sounds like either the RF or the Kenwood will fit with some slight modifications.

Bob animalAM I got my speaker deck replaced under warr and now have the a style but still have fairley bad rear sub vibration even after removing foam sub any ideas? Info from one Kenwood catalog to another differs from each other and both can be wrong. It stated my s were foam surrounds while they are definately rubber surrounds.

I may be tracking just slightly ahead of you.

Since the two subwoofers that have been installed by others are both 4 ohm, I assume that the factory one is also 4 ohm. I also assume that both had to modify the subwoofer enclosure slightly in order for the new woofer to fit. My research says that the Kenwood is the better performer of the two frequency response.

Guys, I bought a factory marauder subwoofer with the little amp attached. according to the previous owner, a 'Marauder sub box' in the trunk. The Lincoln Towncar subs won't fit in a Crown Victoria or Grand using the factory wiring for audio feed and remote turn on, and ran a 8 gauge.