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Audi a4 b6 cabriolet subwoofer

Audi a4 b6 cabriolet subwoofer

When I was ordering my cab, I asked for a demo of Bose and non Bose systems in a cab. I was offered a demo of Bose in the cab, and non Bose in an avant.

It turns out that saloons and avants and A3's for that matter have a sub in the boot as you say and it's easily accesible in the avant behind a panel from my recollection.

The issue is that the salesman assured me the speaker and amp setup in a cab is the same as a saloon.

The non Bose setup in a cab does not have a subwoofer and as a consequence, has a severe lack of bass. My dealer has taken this on board, and are considering options, but in their investigations, the parts manager and the service manager could not find the Bose sub for a cab.

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I'm certain there is one somewhere and behind the dash has been mentioned the 10th speaker as opposed to the 9 standard ones The course of action they are suggesting is to install the Bose system which involves removing all speakers and amps and possibly wiringimplying the removal of most of the car's interior, and fitting the full Bose system. I not even going to tell you the cost, but needless to say, it will be at no cost to me.

My concern is that if they do all this work and have neglected to fit a sub because they can't find a part number for it, and there's still a lack of bass, they would have wasted a lot of time and money and we're back to having a debate.

I obviously want to avoid this and having a clear view on the Bose sub would help.

Although my Cab came from the factory with Bose audio, unless I have my head directly between the two front speakers, it's a bit lacking in. I'm absolutely convinced that an A4 Cab with Bose has a subwoofer somewhere. My recollection of the speaker set up with Bose is 2 in the.