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Value of 1987 porsche 944s

Value of 1987 porsche 944s

Images are general in nature and may not reflect the specific vehicle selected. History of the Porsche After three decades of producing rear-engined, air-cooled cars, Porsche began experimenting with more mainstream configurations in the late s with an eye towards mass appeal.

The Stuttgart company released a series of front-engine, water-cooled cars, first with the inthen with the in The Porsche appeared in as a more performance-oriented take on what the initiated.

While the was most often criticized for uncharacteristic performance courtesy of its Audi four-cylinder, Porsche equipped the with a more powerful alloy 2.

Value of 1987 porsche 944s

To counter some of the vibration that was associated with thePorsche installed a Mitsubishi-patented Lanchester balance shaft. The overall unit was descended from the and was good for hp and a time of 8.

All the same, dyed-in-the-wool Porschephiles tended to shun the model as a mainstream compromise. Halfway through the model year, Porsche revamped the car's interior to match the and A redesigned dash improved ventilation, better seats were installed, as were a new steering wheel and an antenna in the windshield.

Several mechanical upgrades also accompanied the mid-year make-over. The engine was significantly modified, with the valves, pistons and combustion chambers revised to the tune of an extra 15 hp.

And now, the all-new Clustered Cub is coming to the U. Same off-the-chart fun factor. But now, with little modern technology. The eCub 2 is their second rendition of the eCub Promo Scooter.

The oil pump was redesigned and oil capacity was increased to six quarts. The radiator was improved and suspension pieces were lightened and strengthened. From throughs came in a vast array of configurations, including Turbo, S, Turbo S and S2 models, and a Cabriolet in Depending on the trip, up to hp was available out of the four-banger. The departed quietly infollowed by the similar, slow-sellingin As such, the represents an affordable and entertaining entry point to Porsche ownership.

Value of 1987 porsche 944s

Second generation cars have held up particularly well, as performance was better than earlier models. An easier option is to find a non-turbo, four-valve S model instead.

Porsche 944S 1987

Of course, the fact that you can get a tight handling sports car at a value price really * Porsche S* * Only 2-Owners from New * Just 82, Miles from.