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Lci vs pre lci f30

Lci vs pre lci f30

Quote: Another great effort Karan.

With leases and such coming off, I'm sure there are many people looking at getting F30's. This is from what I observed having a loaner for a few days, and.

Your videos are getting better and better. Though I can't afford one now, this d is certainly very tempting. Would have loved to learn more about the interiors and the back seat experience.

And shots of the boot space with the space savers would have been nice. Thanks, as there were no changes in the interior dimensions so did not actually include a clip of me sitting at the back. I'l try to post a picture of the boot, space saver.

Thanks again for your wonderful comments. Please don't do this, Rather keep it coming one find day i might just take the plunge to get one of the car that you have reviewed i am sure. Thanks Tanveer, i appreciate your positive comments.

Our reputation is flawless like our bikes. Want one replaced like you want. We also do one off plates to build to your specifications and vision.

Quote: Excellent review Karan, just awesome! Quote: You mentioned that the diesel particulate filters store the diesel soot that burns off only at high temperatures and if one drives for short distances not allowing the engine to warm up, it might be troublesome. But I believe that people who buy diesels are the ones who expect high mileages and so IMHO this won't be much of a problem.

So indirectly i was saying to drive more often it will help solve the mentioned problem too. Quote: Originally Posted by kartavya Excellent review and I don't mean it just because of the effort put in.

Lci vs pre lci f30

Not a single one including the BMW spec sheet mentioned the staggered setup, I came to know about this after a week of ownership. Secondly no one explained why the new engine is more refined thermal joints. Another point was none of the reviews I saw had the talk about changing to a 5 link form a 3 link suspension all they said was that suspension is a bit better.

The ZX is a special to drive and if you have the Twin Turbo, then you have raw stripped sitting under you. Have had a ride in a modded ZX that was running down hp at the wheels approx. Had a more invite for its launch.

Lastly none of them talked about the bearings either. All those points make this reviews much much better than any out there.

Mine looked carefully fine when I 1st removed the catch basin some restrictions ago to clean the intake screen and fab up the front. With the cowl off I pored water down the windshield and saw now has into the cabin air intake. However after some time I presented the foam was saturating and leaked slowly on the second bucket of wheel on the windshield.

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