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Duke 390 top speed with pillion

Duke 390 top speed with pillion

I booked a RE Himalayan back in March. Given the absolute lack of info from the manufacturer about when the new batches of the Himalayan will be delivered, I am considering other options. How does the KTM compare to the Himalayan in terms of ride quality? I've never been on one.

Like all of our composite parts, these are intended for you to sand, cerberus, and paint and install. If you need any other on installation or finishing please feel free to contact us.

I loved how comfortable the Himalayan is. I've read a lot about KTMs being quite stiff and riders ending up with sore Bums after long trips. Only that is holding me back from cancelling my Himalayan booking and going for the gorgeous KTM.

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People who want a bike and want to tour get the bike they want and tour on it! Trust me, owning a bike that you want is more important than a lot of numbers, feedback, review etc. Seeing it in your parking everyday should make you want to ride it.

It's got a strong history of success, and with over 30 million sold worldwide since the first model in, there is plenty of choice for used car buyers at our retailers. Online Multiplayer Relaunch The Online Multiplayer has been overhauled: Colliding with opponents has been disabled, opponents will be ghosted when you pass through them There is now a single Online Multiplayer league replacing A, B, and C leagues Each week, one vehicle on the roster will be loaned to all players for Online Multiplayer, unless you already own that duke 390 top Rewards have been overhauled: Everyone who participates during the speed with pillion tournament will earn a Gold reward Improving your rating will increase the Gold reward you will receive at the end of the tournament The Online Multiplayer UI has been updated Track rotation now occurs every 15 minutes The post-race experience has been improved Other fixes to matchmaking and net-code Relaunch Date: Tuesday, August 21, UTC Please note: Online Multiplayer duke 390 top speed with pillion be unavailable between August 20 UTC - August 21 UTC in preparation for the relaunch.

Complete bolt-on seat, installs using factory hardware without any modifications Much more comfortable than OEM seat Comfort XL Width is approximately 9" wide.

But while that is the most important part, its not everything so to objectively answer your question - to be a good tourer, the bike needs to check a few boxes from an ergonomics stand point: 1. Foot peg position that doesnt cramp your legs lets you stand up occasionally at least and goes hand in hand with Pt.

Near zero or controlled vibes between kmph 5. Wind protection unless you are going to brave it all on a km ride 6.

And some of the above points can be altered on a bike using aftermarket accessories without spending a bomb while some come with the DNA of the bike. The KTM is really isn't designed to tick all the touring boxes.

The Himalayan was supposed to but failed. But like i said, if you think the bike will make you want to ride everyday, ticks most of the boxes and you can ignore its short comings, by all means get the one that appeals to your heart!

Getting a bike that is wow but restricts you from riding how you want it will only result in regret and tons of lost happiness. Thank you for sharing it! Last edited by Nilesh : 2nd July at

Duke 390 top speed with pillion