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2007 kawasaki ninja 650r air filter

2007 kawasaki ninja 650r air filter

Today we're going to be cleaning out the air filter on the kawasaki ninja r there weren't too many videos on youtube.

I figure I do my do one myself. The first thing I did was I took off the seat and then I loosen these two bolts over here these are ten millimeter bolts with a socket wrench and I'm going to take a screwdriver and take off these two screws here and remove these panels. I'm going to go ahead and do that alright.

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After you've removed these bolts here and the screws you go ahead and stick your hand underneath this pedal and all you do is just kind of pop it off I've already loosened it previously to make it easier on myself but just get in from different sides just kind of wiggle it off should come right off just like that. You see that there's these plastic inserts that go into these holes.

2007 kawasaki ninja 650r air filter

After removing the side panels you can see that I've lifted up the tank and I've stuck a 3-inch piece of wood between the tank and the frame and the purpose of that is to access these electrical electrical lines and fuel line that we have to disconnect and some of these lines here.

That we can disconnect the tank from the rest of the bike and also I'm going to remove this bracket over here to give myself a little bit more working room. There's a total of five lines you have to disconnect you have one two three 2007 kawasaki ninja 650r air filter and five and these you can just take off with some needle nose pliers and this one there's a tab here you want to push back push back on this tab and it comes off and this fuel line you just slide this red tab back and this whole line comes off slide it back and I've noticed that with this electrical line here it's much easier to get some more slack if you remove this tab that used to be in this spot right here.

Just you know go ahead get off and you get a lot more room to work with also before you remove your tank find yourself a cardboard box and you want to set your tank on top of this cardboard box like this and it's just a very stable way to you know set your tank. You don't have to worry about the the fuel pump sitting on the ground. We're almost there here's our air box I loosened up this screw here take this off then you take this tube here slide it back turn it around then here's your air filter it's just going to slide right out it's hard to do this with one hand but comes right out here like this and there you have it and.

This is absolutely disgusting. I'm going to be cleaning this up.

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Here's the air filter you can see there's an external side where the unfiltered air goes through and it exits this engine side and it goes into the engine. Before you can remove the filter you have to remove this plastic frame and I've already done half of it you just kind of get your fingers under there and pop it off.

2007 kawasaki ninja 650r air filter

Okay, and after you do that you can remove the filter. Now that I've taken off the frame I can easily remove the filter I'm going to take it over to the faucet and I'm going to run water through the engine side out to the external side to remove most of the debris before I put it into a bucket of detergent.

I'll go ahead and do that. Here you can see my filter in the detergent water and even after a really thorough rinse you can see that the water is essentially black now with tons of dirt and grime and all the stuff that you don't want in engine.

Make sure you give your your filter good rinse and put in some detergent and after you wash this several times let it thoroughly dry alright now that the filter is clean and dry you can go ahead and get some new engine oil and just kind of put some on there try get it saturated plug it more than that just get it in there get it in there just get saturated now you're going to want to squeeze out the excess is going to be a lot just squeeze out the excess I put way too much this oil is going to help trap all the dirt particles.

And after you squeeze it all out get most of it out you can just put it back put it back into your air filter and you can snap the frame back on and after doing that it's pretty much all there is to it snap it back on.

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