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2009 pontiac vibe drivetrain

2009 pontiac vibe drivetrain

I never had your problem, so I am guessing.

The remote filter can be sourced from an E34, as well as its activities. You'll just need some longer oil hoses to reach your everyday mounting location. For mounting, we recommend the spot behind the front fascia.

First: these transmissions don't have a filter, they only have a wire grid to keep bigger junks back. I am guessing: your transmission was not serviced on schedule or it was serviced with the wrong fluid.

This happens easily because a lot of service folks think of the Vibe as any other GM product.

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You need Toyota T-IV or equivalent. Since you don't know what is in there I would replace the fluid.

2009 pontiac vibe drivetrain

Drop the pan, clean it out, put the pan back with a new gasket, add new fluid. Drive a week or so, then drain the fluid again using the drain plug and fill again with Toyota T-IV, obviously.

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2009 Pontiac Vibe Start Up, Engine & In Depth Tour

The GT trim and AWD options return, and two new inline-four GM ceased Vibe's production in August Pontiac Vibe: See 15 user reviews, photos and great deals The '09 Vibe now comes in three trims – Base, AWD, and the sporty GT.