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Subaru ff1 for sale

Subaru ff1 for sale

It was to have a double wishbone front suspension. Due to FHI's limited resources, the car was not produced. The Subaru was selling at the time but Subaru wanted a car that could comfortably carry four passengers without a cramped compartment, that would appear to be an alternative to the Toyota CorollaNissan SunnyMazda FamiliaHino ContessaIsuzu Bellettand the Mitsubishi Colt Subaru also wanted to reduce engine noise by placing the engine at the front and improve interior space by implementing front wheel drive, thereby eliminating a centrally mounted drive shaft powering the rear wheels, and utilizing an independent suspension at all four wheels.

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The model was put into production; it was assigned production code A and was eventually introduced as the Subaru For compactness and to ensure quietness of operation with vibration kept to a minimum, the engine was developed with water cooling instead of the originally intended air cooling in the A-5 concept. It was available for purchase May 14, with a national release in Japan in October The two-door sedan, model A was introduced February 15,with a four-door van released September 14, Subaru Light Van wagon These cars featured a unique water-cooled, horizontally opposed four-cylinder engine, with overhead valves operated by pushrods.

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Subaru engineers examined designs by PorscheDKW and the Chevrolet Corvairand concluded that it would be desirable to combine this type of engine with a front wheel drive system. As was typical of early front wheel drive cars, the featured inboard drum brakes up front to reduce unsprung suspension weight and an easier implementation of an independent front suspension but atypically Subaru would retain this unusual design into the seventies.

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