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2015 golf tsi fuel economy canada

2015 golf tsi fuel economy canada

Review: Volkswagen Golf 1. This carrot-loving moniker disappeared in the s, but resurfaced again for the models.

Currently hiking into its seventh generation, or what purists like to call Mk7, the Golf is still your run-of-the-mill commuter car that is available in any flavour to suit your taste buds: 3-door hatch, 5-door hatch, wagon, sport-tuned GTI, diesel, and even an electric-powered Golf, though the latter is only sold south of the Canadian border.

We spent a week in the Volkswagen Golf 1. Also shared with the Audi A3, this improved platform is larger than the Mk6's but weighs nearly kg less depending on which engine you choose.

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This brings about more cabin room and cargo space, all aces in our book. There are three engines available in the Golf lineup: 1.

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Our Highline trim comes with the 1. The impatient might notice some turbo lag, but it's not hindering and the acceleration feels natural. Power-assisted rack and pinion steering is back and feels better than ever. It's nicely weighted, as a Euro-hatch should, with a slight bias towards the feathery side.

We seldom noticed any road vibration coming up through the flat-bottom wheel, I just wish there was a Sport option that would tighten up the steering. The driving position is low and snug, the seats are heated and well bolstered, and the tall windows make for great visibility from all sides.

Do Not Forget

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Snow and black ice littered the streets in Toronto, but it was never a challenge for the zippy Golf equipped with a set of Continental ExtremeWinterContact tires. No matter the condition, the Golf delivered a premium ride with sublime build quality and a taut structure. Our tester was mated to a smooth six-speed automatic transmission with noticeably short gearing in 1st and 2nd.

Volkswagen has also confirmed their new Mk8 Golf, which is slated forwill come equipped with the world's first speed dual-clutch gearbox. Fuel-efficiency must be their top priority, a quality that the Mk7 Golf is no stranger to either. The official figures are 9.

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We managed a conservative 8. Moreover, the Golf only requires regular fuel. The Mk7 follows the classic Golf styling recipe - boxy rear and pointy nose. The design is clean and simple, and the doors are wide enough for easy ingress and egress.

New Bi-Xenon headlights lead the way - they are more powerful than the standard halogen lights and offer better illumination, but are consequently more expensive to replace. The refreshed tail lamps have taken a more angular shape, thus becoming the easiest way to differentiate with the Mk6. The new looks aren't melodramatic, but they're not dull either.

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The well-mannered lines and inoffensive sheetmetal are visually appealing and works out to the perfect porridge temperature dipped in a sleek Tungsten Silver Metallic paint. The star of the show is the Golf's new interior.

2015 golf tsi fuel economy canada

The fit and finish screams Audi and presents with a cabin decorated in excellent stitching, glossy black panels, beautifully lit gauges, and an engine start button integrated next to the gear shifter. Everything from the cushioning of the sport seats to the clunky gear shifter looks and feels expensive.

The leather-wrapped steering wheel is one of my favourites, and it's flat-bottomed for a pinch of sporting feel.

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The panoramic roof is a recommended delicacy, and increases the perception of headroom for passengers sitting in the back. Legroom is plenty in the front and rear, and you'll have no problem fitting a pyramid of suitcases in the trunk.

I also went with the hype of Motul V being the best oil, but widened my lesson. Hope I have not made any damage to the bike during this simple. Switching to Motul 10W40 this weekend. Will update once done.

It has a simplistic interface, is extremely easy to use, and comes loaded with navigation, Sirius XM Radio, and Bluetooth phone connectivity. These safety systems automatically deploy the brakes to help minimize damage, unlock the doors, turn off the power to the fuel pumps, and even help you turn on the hazard lights.

By the end of the week, the only complaint that I had was the unnecessarily loud clunk every time you shift into reverse and the rear view camera pops out beneath the trunk badge. We actually thought we hit something.

Petty nuisances aside, I was very impressed with.

Our Highline trim comes with the TSI, and it's a magnificent engine with oodles of Fuel-efficiency must be their top priority, a quality that the Mk7 Golf is no.