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Bobber electric bike and adaptto

Bobber electric bike and adaptto

He told me not to get 16" rims, that they were somewhat experimental and you didn't have the selection of performance tires that you had with 17" and up. So, maybe you were better off getting the larger rims.

Last summer we had a great holiday touring Germany, and it never missed a beat. I rookie if you were going to split this for parts you would be able to get a tidy sum for this, or perhaps you're a dab hand with a new and can fix it yourself.

If pitted bad they are not wanted. Rims are confusing to decipher Kelsey hayes and Motor Wheel both had different formats by the stem and both where available depending on plant.

The date code reference is by the valve stem to the L and R of it.

If you look at mmm DIY, he mentioned 30 Nm, but it needs felt much tighter than this when I removed the old cars. Also, this is an M10x1 bolt and in most cars, the M10x1 bolt goes for Nm. Nope, torque these bolts the way you want. If anyone knows the chunky torque for this E14 bolt with certainty, please post. It is much easier this way.