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1985 rx7 steering adjustment

1985 rx7 steering adjustment

Disconnect the battery at the negative cable.

Steering Box Adjustment: 1985 rx7 steering adjustment

Remove the horn cap and steering wheel. The horn cap will pry off, even though it feels a little stiff. It's just a hard rubber disc that secures to the wheel like a great big coat-button. There are no clips or bolts holding it on. Cautions a Before removing the steering wheel, apply identification marks on the steering column shaft and steering wheel. You can possible save yourself a little 1985 rx7 steering adjustment later on by driving the car perfectly straight into your work area before you even start.

Some people who have done this job have found that their steering wheel wasn't straight after they did the job. Sometimes the steering wheel can be a real pain-in-the-neck to get off, so you'll want to take every precaution you can to get it back on straight the first time. Striking shaft will damage the bearing or collapsible shaft. The steering column is actually a telescoping rod within the black column jacket that runs from the steering wheel to the box.

1985 rx7 steering adjustment

The column is not much more than a half-inch thick, and it's designed to collapse in the event of an accident. In the event that you do break the collapsible shaft, I've heard of a few remedies.

Sector Shaft Adjustment

One is to remove the steering box and shaft, and then tack weld the column to the correct length. Another suggestion that I've heard was to drill a hole through the shaft where the plastic rivets are, and replace them with nylon screws.

The car is race not. The car is in great condition as it was on race day and race clockwise.

Aftermarket license plate screws are often made of nylon or plastic. The best suggestion that I've heard came from Dave Barniger at KD Rotary, and it can be done with the column and steering gear in place: turn the steering wheel so that the wheels are straight ahead and position the wheel so that you have the desired clearance between the wheel and the plastic steering column covers.

1985 rx7 steering adjustment

From the floorboard, measure 7. Then, through that hole, drill a quarter or eighth inch hole through the collapsible shaft. The idea behind using an aluminum rivet is to retain the safety factor of the collapsible shaft. I should note that I've never done tried this repair, but it sure sounds like a great tip.

Dave says he's done it probably twenty times, and it only takes 15 minutes or so. Since then, I've pulled and reinstalled two other boxes, and both of those times I was able to just rock the wheel back and forth until it let go of the splines. P'Baster or a similar penetrating sovent helps.

But as for that first instance The steering wheel is incredibly flimsy on this car, and it will bend as soon as you start tightening the puller. The 1985 rx7 steering adjustment collar that surrounds the base of the steering wheel will bend if you squeeze the sides of the collar. That should give you enough space behind the wheel to cram your brackets in there.

We bolted four of these plates together and then secured the puller to our homemade bracket so that pressure from the puller would be distributed across the entire back of the steering wheel, instead of just at the wheel's two puller holes. If we had done this from the start, we would have saved an hour or so, and we wouldn't have bent the steering wheel like we did.


Next Metro Ford Auto Sales Inc in Tupelo including address, phone, dealer reviews, directions, a map, inventory and more I then took the car to them to 1985 rx7 steering adjustment them the severity of what was going on.

It was easy enough to bend back into perfect shape with a vice, though. Remove the steering column covers. Remove the air duct and disconnect the couplers of the combination switch.

Upgrading to power steering soon. Sector Shaft Adjustment, : bluehandsvideo Recommended for you.

Remove the combination switch assembly. It pulls straight off, but what the manual doesn't say is that there's a 1985 rx7 steering adjustment tab on the top, towards the back, that you have to lift up in order to release the switch.

Remove the steering lock assembly referring to page xxxx. Steps 6 and 7 both suggest that you need to move the steering lock assembly from the old column jacket to the new one.

I have owned the Forester for a 1985 rx7 steering adjustment of months now and this is the first time that the window has not worked.

Why not just remove the column jacket and steering lock assembly as a unit, and reuse them with the new steering box and column. This bright idea didn't occur to me until after I did my first steering box.

So if you insist on going by the book, I still have some more comments on these two steps Mazda seems to think we all want to buy new steering locks when we do this job.

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Maybe their assumption is that no one would ever be digging into the steering column unless the ignition lock was damaged by a theft attempt. The manual's pages on the steering lock suggest using a chisel to "loosen" the bolts that hold the lock in place. When you get to this point, you'll see that these "bolts" do not have a hex-head or screwdriver slots or anything to grab hold of.

We decided to bypass this 1985 rx7 steering adjustment and pull the column jacket with lock in place out through the interior after the next step. Remove the column jacket fixing bracket.

It's underneath the column and bolts to the underside of the dash with four bolts into the column and two into the dash.

These two bolts into the dash are the only ones that you'll need to concern yourself with if you're going to re-use the.

As far as play goes on the steering I wouldn't be worried of it has " of play at centre,but beyond that I would want to adjust it,or replace the.