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Yamaha star raider for sale group

Yamaha star raider for sale group

During an unprecedented year model run, the Raider exhilarated its owners, defeated all competition, and inspired a fierce and loyal following, winning awards and accolades along the way.

While most motorcycle models run on for 4, 6, or even 8 years, the Raider held on for 10, with minimal changes along the way; it's longevity a testament to it's design, engineering, and incredible performance, the core of which is the amazing XV C.

That cc heart continues to beat, in somewhat altered form, in the new Yamaha Transcontinental Touring bikes, the Voyager and Eluder.

All performance options are sold solely for hobby, off-road and track purposes only and is not come for street racing nor driving. In buying performance parts from you save to use these parts for legitimate off-street and track purposes only. As such, cannot add responsibility for the irresponsible actions of those who do not see to their local laws. You should also contact your car's computer to determine what effects modifications may have on your safety and accessory warranty for installing these aftermarket performance products. In any problems, liability is limited to the purchase price of the world s sold.

Perhaps due to the changing trends towards touring- and bagger-type motorcycles, these full-dress rigs are a far cry from the lean, custom hot-rod machine that the Raider exemplifies, so the Raider remains a very unique bike, even in pre-owned form.

While the Raider is no longer a "new" model, 10 years of production and ownership mean that there are thousands of Raiders and Raider-enthusiasts out there. Original and 2nd and 3rd owners continue to get the most out of this motorcycle.

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From the beginning, the Raider has proven to be a phenomenal customization platform, and modified and personalized examples continue to be loved the world over. As long as there are Raiders on the road, and owners that want to ride them, Raider Performance will aim to help them get the most out of this incredible machine and serve as a community for all Raider owners and riders.

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What's new Looking for a quality used Yamaha Raider? Check out our Raider Classifieds.

We're very excited to introduce the Freedom Performance Combat 2-into-1 exhaust system for the Raider. Please let us know what you think - about the bike, our site, or anything Raider-related.

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This is for all riders of the YAMAHA RAIDER and new people looking to join our I guess I'll buy one and let you all know if it's still working in 5 or 10 years. This is for all riders of the YAMAHA RAIDER and new people looking to join our I guess I'll buy one and let you all know if it's still working in 5 or 10 years.