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Aston martin db11 volante performance

Aston martin db11 volante performance

Design[ edit ] The DB11 continues the tradition of design focused on proportions and includes a number of new and unique design features, including new roof strakes that separate the body from the roof, available in black or body colour and the "Aeroblade" intakes in the front strakes.

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These evolve the side strakes from purely visual to functional and channel turbulent air down the side of the car into intake ducts by the C pillars and force the air out from the rear vertically as a 'virtual' spoiler providing down-force. The DB11 does not use the older Aston Martin VH platform but makes use of an all-new riveted and adhesive-bonded aluminium platform that shifts the emphasis from extrusions to stampings to create more cockpit space which would also underpin future Aston Martin models; including the Vantage.

Reception[ edit ] The reaction from the motoring press reviews has been overwhelmingly positive, including statements such as "it's a pretty fabulous way to sit behind horsepower" from Car and Driver. You'd arrive feeling like you'd just got out of the bath.

It's not just a pretty face. This is an extremely good car.

But there is a price to pay. The car is equipped with a rear-mounted 8-speed automatic transmission manufactured by ZF Friedrichshafen.

The predecessor DB11 V12 had been in production for only 18 months and it is believed this move was substantially due to the new V8 DB11 performing better than expected, narrowing the performance gap with the V Aston Martin produced a limited run of DB11 AMR Signature Edition cars at the start of production featuring a Stirling Green paint scheme with Lime Green accents; similar to that found on the Vantage GTE race car, black interior trim with aston martin db11 volante performance green stitching and gloss black forged inch alloy wheels.

Deliveries began in the summer of The Superleggera name pays tribute to Carrozzeria Touring Superleggerawho helped Aston Martin to create the lightest grand tourers in the s and s.

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For the first time on an Aston Martin vehicle, the windshield surround will be available in carbon fibre as well as the rear tonneau cover.

With the DB11 Volante, Aston Martin's marriage of luxury and performance is perhaps at its best, offering hustle that doesn't feel rushed and. Aston Martin DB11 Volante review: V8 power without the roof Thankfully, on-​paper performance is barely dented – mph takes just sec.