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1998 nissan 240sx oem parts

1998 nissan 240sx oem parts

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Though Nissan SX had only been produced through two generations and now it is out of production, its popularity in drifting motorsport has not waned a little bit. The first-generation Nissan SX S13; was released in as a model.

Ina 2-door convertible also was added to the lineup and was exclusive to the North American market. Nissan SX then was powered by a 2.

Then the second-generation Nissan SX S14; was launched in the spring of as a model. The 2-door coupe offered in SE and LE trim levels was only body style. And it got power from a 2.

However, its performance could fade away due to overexposure to usage. So, you had better learn about how to maintain it in a right way for your Nissan SX's longer lifespan: First, engine stalls or hesitates on acceleration.

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This is the most complained problem about Nissan SX according to the first-hand information collected from real Nissan SX owners at the car repair statistics site CarComplaints.

They told besides rough running engine, reduction in power and fuel economy, hesitation in acceleration, the engine would also make squealing noises and keep overheating. The vehicle could not pass emission inspection is another issue.

If you can smell fuel odor and the Check Engine Light in SX is activated, then the SX fuel injector O-ring, fuel tank, drive belt, throttle cable, intake manifold gasket and oil filter need to be inspected completely.

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Second, suspension and steering issues. The suspension is supposed to let occupants free from torture brought by unpleasant driving experience.

However, in Nissan SX, people said it was not a comfortable driving. They complained not only the annoying loud noises while driving or grinding noises while turning troubled them a lot but also the excessive vibration unsatisfied them.

If you are also suffering, then the SX control arm shaft kit and coil spring insulator need replacements.

As for steering failure as leaking steering fluid and difficulty steering, the SX power steering hose must have been collapsed. As the famous old saying says chance only favors the prepare mind, so you should always be prepared to deal with any unexpected condition on your Nissan SX in advance and stop those conditions from emerging.

In other words, you need to maintain some auto parts routinely in case they create problems. Some electrical parts in SX such as power window switch, wind regulator, door lock cylinder, headlight switch and so on will be worn out after overexposure to usage.

1998 nissan 240sx oem parts: nissan 240sx parts & accessories

So, regular maintenance on them is essential. Other parts such as headlight cover, headlight, wiper arm and seat belt are also supposed to be on the routine maintenance list. And we have a broad collection of genuine Nissan SX auto parts covering a wide range of auto parts from parking brake cable to idle control valve.

Backed by the manufacturer's warranty, hassle-free return policy and fastest delivery service, these OEM SX won't disappoint you at the slightest. So, start you happy shopping now!

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