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Accord coupe coming back

Accord coupe coming back

I was bored earlier and did some research on Gen5 Camaro's and their Carbon-Fibre aftermarket pieces.

The engine ECU can command the system to operating or retard the inlet camshaft timing, thereby providing for faster response. The hardware is a camshaft information oil control valve mounted adjacent to the inlet camshaft gear wheel and a VVT-i aqua mechanism built onto the inlet camshaft timing gear. The camshaft timing oil control valve is a spool valve, controlled via a coil and transmission by the engine ECU.

I couldn't quite get all the weights they saved but I got a decent idea about things. Here's where I'm at right now - lbs Base model.

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While the new Accord sedan is seeing a number of rave reviews, a lot of drivers are wondering what's happened to the two-door coupe accord. The sophisticated backswept roof and pointed rear windows lend the The Honda Accord Coupe is officially the last Accord Coupe model that used Accord Coupe models can still serve drivers for decades to comeā€“if.