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Mk1 rabbit diesel mpg

Mk1 rabbit diesel mpg

How I coaxed a VW diesel to do 80 m. July 3, By Charles E.

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Doles Automotive editor of The Christian Science Monitor A Volkswagen diesel car won't loosen up till it's been run 6, to 10, miles, according to Gerhard Delf, VW's chief engineer for power train and emissions in the United States. Even so, with only a few miles on the odometer of a notchback Jetta, I still managed to eke out more than 80 miles to a gallon of fuel -- I hasten to add, of course, that no one really drives a car this way.

The idea was to wrings as much road distance as possible out of the car -- and coasting with the engine off was legal, to boot. A feather-light foot on the accelerator pedal, anticipating traffic lights and hoping for a green light when you get to an intersectiona mk1 rabbit diesel mpg takeoff from a stop, and the right attitude on the part of the driver -- all of this counts.

More realistically, however, I got Fewer jobs at City Hall - one way Flynn can begin to arrest the deficit the point is, the way a motorist drives his car does indeed have an affect on how often he pulls up to the gas or diesel pump.

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Mileage-conscious VW now is talking about a 3-cylinder, m. Some 2, cars are being consumer-tested in three cities: Houston; Pittsburgh; and Phoenix Ariz.

Too, the Environmental Protection Agency has been debating the merits of the shift-point light for the past year and still has not made its decision on whether to allow VW to advertise it as an economy tool. Rather, he adds, it shows how to reduce fuel usage while maintaining the same power from the engine.

Mk1 rabbit diesel mpg

The fuel-conscious motorist will never see the electronically controlled light, anyhow, because he will upshift before the light is programmed to come on. In the mile, four-leg fuel-economy run a short while ago, I don't remember ever seeing the amber fuel-economy light.

Like a spare tire, perhaps, it's there if you need it -- that is, if you forget your high- mileage habits as the car speed picks up.

Delf reports that running by the light can increase economy by as much as 7 percent, or 3 m. The notchback VW Jetta diesel, which is about pounds heavier than the Rabbit, does not have an "E" light but will zip from 0 to 5 m. Equipped with quick-start glow plugs, the engine will start in summer in from 1 to 3 seconds.

Mk1 rabbit diesel mpg

At the freezing mark, it takes an average 7 seconds; while at 4 degrees below zero F. The Jetta, by the way, began life without a glove box.

Search on Google for motorcycle theory practice. Positively are several sites offering free practice. This is more to get you through.

As for the Rabbit, the diesel version of the design-setting car has been the US economy champ for the past four years. Now, with the Formula-E diesel, the carmaker is trying to ensure that it doesn't lose the crown anytime soon.

VW TDI Diesel Gets 120 MPG on one Gal of Diesel with CNG blend!!.avi

I am looking at and considering buying a VW Rabbit diesel here in the states. The VW, for it 's age, appears to be well maintained. A Volkswagen diesel car won't loosen up till it's been run 6, to 10, miles, according to Gerhard Delf, VW's chief engineer for power train. I've got a 83 Rabbit diesel and I'm considering selling the and putting a Tdi in it with the Tdi 5 speed. There are a couple of 98 Jetta's that. alright you lot out of interest what sort of mpg will i be getting from a d standard​?? also if its only got a 4 speed would it help to fit a 5 speed. The VW Rabbit Pickup was a unique small truck and produced great mileage But it was the Rabbit Pickup's liter diesel engine that made this little truck a.