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Voy siguiendo las botas de un hombre ranchero

Voy siguiendo las botas de un hombre ranchero

The integrated sensors will alert the driver if the vehicle gets too close to an obstacle behind or in front of it.

What amazes me even after a few hundred miles is the turning circle. I swear it has a simpler turning circle than my Nissan Altima that's my early driver. It's insane how it can make U-Turns and trade around in parking lots so easily. Headlong the more I look over the vehicle the more I love how they went it. They claim it's the easiest and cheapest commercial van to noisy and maintain and I'm a believer now.

The car have perfect spark and fuel pressure in the rail. I know you have changed the crank and cam sensor, but to me this sounds like one of them is either not doing its job or it could be that the ecm is not actually getting the signal from one of these sensors due to a bad connection between the sensor and the ecm.

It started a few months ago when the power locks stopped working, which was no big deal, but now my radio and tape player don't work, the clock doesn't even light up, the interior light won't work, and voy siguiendo la botas de un hombre ranchero I shut the car off, the mileage and gear symbols on my dash, as well as my gas pump do not shut off for about a min, they always shut off.