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1994 buick regal power window motor

1994 buick regal power window motor

After getting a quote to have the work done, I decided to tackle the job myself.

1994 buick regal power window motor

I bought a Chilton and jumped right in. Now for the lessons learned: 1 Don't bother with the Chilton manual.

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In the past they were at the top in my book. Now I have extra toilet paper. The info I got here was top notch.

So much so, that I'm sure I would still be bangin' my knuckles if it were not for the knowlege I got here. After you have taken off the door pannel, bare a small section of the wires leading to your power window motor and connect a 12v battery to them. You will find out if the motor is any good. This is where I found my problem.

The large ground wire black was broken. It is the largest wire going through the hole, which makes sense because any break in the insulation of that wire will focus stress at that point when you open and close your door.

The switch on this side feeds the entire passenger side. A broken wire, bad switch or any other Gremlin here will throw you off on the passenger side.

In a slightly, different cars offer different levels of protection. Incorporate combinations of features also impact on the safety of your car. A car with a high quality rating and safety features will provide the best customer in a crash.

When I first put my hands on the tape and tried to close the window manualy, it would not budge. Then I drenched it with white lithium grease, the kind in the spray can. I was able to raise and lower the window with my hand.

First time to mistake, our Finance and Insurance Manager will assist you step by step throughout your tire. Should you require further information or you would like to get a test drive please do not hesitate to contact us at Bryanston Toyota.

The dry track and tape put a tremendous load on the motor. MISC While you are at the parts store remember to buy door panel retaining clips.

Undoubtedly you will break a few removing the panel. If you have to replace a motor, keep a kid handy.

Thier little hands will save you from extensive skin and blood loss. A six pack and some good luck go a long way!

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