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Cost of gearbox of wagon r

Cost of gearbox of wagon r

Re: Wagon R Gear box problems I guess this whole post of mine is off-topic, but if it helps anyone, I'd be glad. There is another dealer-owned workshop around 4 kms away named Varun Motors.

Its better to stay away from Varun motors. Only two days ago, a BHPian reported bad things about them. You can locate a non dealer owned workshop from MSIL's homepage.

BHPian ptaneja also echoes the same sentiments when it comes to dealer owned workshops. More details can be found here- Click to open Just to give you an example, here is the difference between the same job, one done by MASS, and other by dealer owned workshop both are maruti authorised.

Case 1- Axle boot cut on my friend's M Normal MASS jacks up the car, replaces boot, all done within half an hour. Total bill rupees boot plus labour.

Case 2-Axle boot cut in my Initially they said that boots aren't available separately, and that It'd cost me an entire driveshaft. I had the parts manual in my glove box and the SA ran for cover.

Someone without a lot of making, who needs reliable transportation for little effort. Someone who wants to help the ins-and-outs of car ownership and repair with minimal effort. Additionally, it handles fantastically for its size, and has also a lot of pick-up, too. It's braved Michigan winters and Shasta coastal floods without loss of control thanks, trac pa.

Another senior SA came and handled my case. They put the car on lift, follow all the procedures to the T, and the end result is the same. But it took me 2 hours as the mechanic was clueless and he had to call the senior mechanic, and the bill was 90 rupees for boot, plus rupees labor.

Look at their body language-appears as if they are planning to launch a spaceship. So much brain storming for such a normal job?? But seriously, I am more interested in the quality of work done. I am not saying that all dealer workshops are bad. But I am yet to meet an honest dealer owned workshop. They do have cleanliness, and work in an orderly manner which is appreciable.

Cost of gearbox of wagon r

But from atleast what I have experienced, the quality of work at a normal MASS is much better and much cheaper. I don't mind if the mechanic is shabbily dressed, all I am concerned about is that my car should work fine.

They charge for each and every service offered. Their paid service just covers washing charge and I guess oil change labour. If you ask them to do anything like gear oil change etc, you'll be charged extra.

Not so at normal MASS. For example when I asked them to replace rims on my car, they ended up damaging my tires. This indicates poor workmanship.

Wagon R Gear box problems: cost of gearbox of wagon r

So that the clutch fries within kms and you again come there for an expensive overhaul. I can list hundreds of such instances, and I am so hell bent not to visit them, that if I get a NEXA car, I am ready to lose my warranty, rather than getting it touched by them in the name of service. Sorry for such a long post.

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