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2006 dodge dakota aux input

2006 dodge dakota aux input

If you've ever accidentally yanked your iPod audio chord, you'll know that the tiny little ring seems to become loose and your iPod either plays sporadically or not at all.

Have a Chrysler or Dodge vehicle with a cd changer? Here's an easy way to add an aux input for a mp3 player. Chrysler LHS Concord m Sebring Eagle Vision. 90%! Joom. ! .

The first part of the fix is removing the stereo from the car which I haven't posted as this can already be found in searches on the inter-webs. What I've posted here is images of the guts of the stereo itself.

Unscrew the two hood scoops one on each side, they simply unscrew and then pull out. This will experience you to compress the plastic clip from the addition shroud when removing the cross member. Use a 10mm bolt and remove the two bolts holding down the hood fenders on both sides of the cross member. Pull the hood lays up through the cross member and detach the release notes from the release mechanism.

Once the stereo is removed, there will be several small gold screws which must also be romoved from the unit. These are "star" type screws, but I also found a set of tiny computer screw-drivers and small allen keys worked.

Once removed, the face plate can be detached by using a screw-driver to gently pry out and pull back on two tiny plastic tabs. One is located on top and one on the bottom of the face part of the unit.

The CD housing will also slide upwards as pictured below.

The face plate part can be detached at the ribbon cable. It slides out to the front. Once the face plate part is removed, you'll need to pull out the volume and station knobs not pictured which will just pull off.

Then the cover can be slid off the circuit board.

Be as clean as possible with this as it's like a computer motherboard and very sensitive to moisture, static, whatever. Treat it like it's fine jewelery or china or whatever.

2006 dodge dakota aux input

The board contains the auxiliary audio input jack housed within a polyethylene plastic "cube" located on the front lower left corner. The cube has a tiny plastic top piece covering it.

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In order to fix this you'll either need to re-position the metal socket and glue the top piece back into place, or re-position the socket and clamp the top piece into place using something like a tiny rubber band wrapped several times around it. You'll see that the top piece basically holds the position of the metal socket.

If it's not in there right, it won't play right. Feel free to share this thread and link it up on other sites as it seems there are no other solutions posted for this very common issue.

Do Not Forget

Just an 2006 dodge dakota aux input on this.

I also have several more images to refer to if needed. It is a close-up of the tiny plastic "cube" which the auxiliary audio socket is housed in.

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Save yourself some serious dough and fix it yourself. Last edited by mikem; at PM.

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