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Lincoln continental consumer reports for

Lincoln continental consumer reports for

Rear-hinged doors appear again on a Lincoln Continental in the Coach Door Edition, of which approximately will be built for Lincoln opens the doors again to the Continental Coach Door Edition. Stretched sedan boasts '60s chic at an exclusive price.

Makes you feel special. This Continental is the best of all of them at providing a complete "luxury experience.

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This Continental Reserve is the best at making you feel special, it is a true high style luxury car and it doesn't seem particularly "American". The only thing "American" about it are a few aspects of the interior, such as the word "Lincoln" on the inside and the outside.

It just feels more like a European car.

That said, it isn't cheap. The major downside is that to get to this level you have to pay a bit more than it appears. I think you have to get the Reserve Trim or better. The basic seats aren't good enough, you need the 24 way to get in a comfortable position.

I don't like FWD cars in general at least not big onesand I like a bit of performance too. So you need the Reserve trim at the very least imo. That bumps the price up.

You could almost get a 'Vette for that which certainly will provide more performance. However, once you pay up for this, I don't get the feeling that anything was forgotten, that I've been shortchanged on anything.

Not switchgear, not interior, not comfort, not performance, not style.

This Continental delivers Everything and not one thing at the expense of another. Can't say that about any of the other cars I've owned.

Lincoln continental consumer reports for

Reliability remains to be seen as I haven't had it that long.

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