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Ford fusion 2006 radio aux

Ford fusion 2006 radio aux

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Hey Fellow Fusion Fanatics! I'm in need you of your help with the Aux connection to my radio.

According to the owners manual, I have the most basic radio. Before I purchased this vehicle, I had test drove several others and noticed they all had an AUX jack in the center console. I am not sure if the jack was standard with the upgraded sound system or just not available on a So my question is two fold, I am assuming the jack must be there somewhere; probably in the dash behind the head unit.

I want to connect my iPod, would it be easy for me to get to the AUX jack and snake the wire out myself? Let me explain what I mean by easy Secondly, I saw that the factory installed jack was a simple earphone style AUX jack, as to be compatible with any type of MP3 player. Since I am hooking this up myself, could i get one made specifically for the iPod?

Since I haven't asked enough already, let me throw this one out there too Thanks in advance for your help!

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