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Triumph gt6 mk3 bhp

Triumph gt6 mk3 bhp
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The front bumper was raised in response to new crash regulations, as well as the front coil springs being slightly raised, which made the car sometimes look a little out of proportion. Although much of the bonnet pressing was carried over, the front end looked quite different.

The shape and design of the seat just seem to be off a locally, compared to other SUVs. It is easy to drive away distances, but long distances could take a toll on your back.

The rear lost the overriders from the bumper but gained reversing lights as standard initially as two separate lights on either side of the number plate, latterly as a single light in a new unit above the number plate ; the interior was improved again with a wood-veneer instrument surround and a smaller, inch, wire spoked steering wheel.

A folding hood replaced the earlier "build it yourself" arrangement.

Triumph gt6 mk3 bhp

For most of the Mark III range, the instrument cluster was still centre-mounted as in the Mark I and Mark II so as to reduce parts bin counts and thereby production costs for right-hand and left-hand drive versions. A new quieter exhaust gave a sweet distinct note and reduced cabin noise.

Average fuel consumption was improved slightly at 33mpg. For example, from a safety perspective, dual system aka tandem brakes were introduced along with a brake failure warning device.

The twin SU carburettors now included overrun valves in the throttle discs and anti-tampering features on carburettor fuel-air mixture nuts. A reduced compression ratio of 8.

Triumph gt6 mk3 bhp

However, the 0—60 time of 14 seconds was still faster than the Mark II. The instrument panel was moved in front of the driver, and new seats were introduced with integrated headrests to help against whiplash.

Cosmetically, the wood dash was replaced with a matte black finished assembly intended to imitate an aircraft cockpit. A limited number of U. Additional exterior changes introduced included a zip up rear window, black radiator grille and a black vs body colored windshield surround.

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Full wheel covers of two styles were used including the introduced model with "SPITFIRE" circumscribing the hub and a unique derivative without the branding. Interior changes included a steering column mounted ignition switch, a key-in-ignition warning buzzer, driver's side under-dash courtesy lamp and a new black spoked steering wheel.

I have triumph gt6 mk3 bhp absolutely no consideration to doing an LS swap so I can drive another, miles.

Under the bonnet, some markets had the twin SU carburettors replaced with a single Zenith-Stromberg carburettor.

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Often described as 'the poor man's E-type', Triumph's handsome GT6 is so The GT6 goes up in weight as you go through the versions, but so does the bhp.