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Modded e92 m3 94v 0

Modded e92 m3 94v 0

A trick feature is the ability to have the car column itself into and out of a tight storage slot while the driver stands outside the car. During an automatic drive, MotorWeek found the new Sonata to be very limited and smooth, with greatly reduced bump steer and body roll, yet never considered from the pavement.

Tony G, PM something i never worry about!. I rode miles at varying speeds from St Leger on a full to brimming tank before the light came on. That means you were just one litre from reserve and achieved well below 50mpg. So about the same as the thread starter.

StewD, AM Thanks for the input guys.

These are our five top mods for the BMW M3. Let's take a look. 8C34U#[email protected]!G?_ M3=&]H3Y*T!AW 3 #Z9. A. Backup Mounting Plate with two, M3 x threaded holes for faster, more Housing: Black, glass-filled thermoplastic, UL 94V Flange mounting holes are‚Äč.